Why come to Tempo Tots?

Tempo Tots offers live music making as a developmental tool for little ones.

Each class includes a variety of musical and

physical activities tailored to meet the needs of

the particular group. Your child and their friends

will have lots of fun in the live interactive music

making classes led by the class Tempo Tots

facilitator on her guitar. But that's not all, each

class incorporates a weekly theme with stories,

bubbles, puppets, singing, dancing and playing

musical instruments!!


The Tempo Tots classes aim to be as interactive as

possible to develop the skills of the children while:


- Supporting parents, grandparents, carers and

  nannies to be with their children in creative and

  fun musical engagement.


- Offering ideas for parents to use at home and help

  them feel supported and encouraged in their

  interactions with their children.


- Supporting parents and carers to use music more

  effectively in realising it's potential as a key agent

  for emotional, developmental, social and

  communication needs whilst helping relationships

  within families grow.

- Introducing activities for play to promote

  physical development.


- Building awareness of the importance of shared

  attention and turn taking with their children within

  a fun and relaxed environment.


- Encouraging parents to have fun with their

  children while using their voices through singing,

  or the instruments provided.


Charlotte is also on hand to offer her support

including advice around child development and

physical well-being. Following the session,

handouts are available around a variety of areas

such as speech and language development,

tummy time, hand and play skill information,

sensory play and songs.