What Else Do We Offer?

Making music with the very young is a rewarding activity.

Doing it well and with confidence takes some planning and time. Tempo Tots has a strong reputation for running excellent, very practical courses for anyone working with (or who would like to work with) young children.

These highly practical and engaging inset days or mornings will help all to put across key musical skills and concepts in a fun and enticing way to the very young.


Our training programme is a comprehensive, accessible and thought-provoking resource for use in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Pre-Schools. These courses will give you the confidence to make music and to use music creatively across the curriculum. It is informed by the very latest thinking in music therapy, child-led creative and active learning.  EYP's tell us that they and their children have loved the songs, musical activities, ideas,
and throughout the visits have grown in confidence in using music more frequently.  If you are interested in
any of these services please do contact us and let us know your requirements, we are happy to discuss and
meet your needs.

m. 07956 447118